Welcome to the Education Financing Learning Community

by Learning Hub Administrator -

The Education Financing Learning Community aims to bring together individuals, constituencies, associate members of the GCE with common interests and expertise on a wide range of issues related to education financing. The Learning Community aims to engage in permanent discussion around financial barriers and challenges that public education systems face and the opportunities that contribute to the advancement of free, inclusive, quality education. The education financing Learning Community focuses on the thematic areas around Education Financing including privatisation of education and domestic and international financing.

Education Financing is one of the key priorities of GCE in its current strategy. From advocacy for increased budget allocations, to tracking budgets to school level, to campaigning for increased allocations for marginalised groups, to increase equity, the GCE membership have a breadth and depth of advocacy experiences to share, and have expressed a desire to exchange experience, learn from others and coordinate research and advocacy in this area. This is also an area where there is a large amount of knowledge which can contribute towards building collaboration around critical advocacy processes, building linkages from local through to regional and global advocacy on financing issues – and some members are keen to collaborate more in this area. Finally, it also important that the membership is responding to the new 2030/ SDG4 financing agenda, and are collectively shaping how our advocacy responds to that.