📢📢📢 Recap on GCE's Political Learning Series 1: Reinforcing a Strong Political Foundation 📢📢📢

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📢📢📢 Recap on GCE's Political Learning Series 1: Reinforcing a Strong Political Foundation 📢📢📢

📍📍📍In 2024, GCE commemorates its 25th anniversary as a worldwide movement championing education. A political learning agenda has been initiated to remind civil society actors about the fundamental tenets of the movement derived from a human rights standpoint. 📍📍📍

Objective: The objective of this series is to create awareness and provide a platform for discussing the GCE political ideologies and historical background. 

Recap and key takeaways from Session 1 accessible here: https://fb.watch/sqXmEVcgcU/

The history of GCE ,Constitution and Founding Principles 
  • Established on the basis of ensuring that global level processes and decisions are cognizant of ground level realities.
  • One Goal was the first campaign to demand one goal around education which mobilized millions of people around the world and public figures.  
  • The demand was to have education as a stand alone agenda and have a global framework that ensures equality is the basis of such a framework.
  • Today, education has become a biggest in-equalizer even though there is a framework in place. Recently, evidence has shown that we are not on track to meet equitable education goals. 
  • The movement still has a long way to go and a big role to play in uniting civil society actors across the world to talk in one voice and follow up on education goals.  
  • National Education Coalitions were founded as the base on the movement and its global campaigns to establish a credible platform that puts pressure on the ground. 
  • Established on the rights based analysis committed to recognize the importance of free quality public education. 
  • International Organizations involved had a commitment to to form global campaigns led from the Global South and aligning the political agenda between national, regional and global campaigns. 
  • The movement and its campaigning mandate was established to fill the gap of not having civil society voices in the national and global education policy making spaces. 
  • Civil society needed to have a united voice in challenging the international community around the coordination of financing frameworks. 
  • One critical principles was the view that education is a basic human right and an enabling tool for all other human rights and  interconnection to other rights.
  • Composition on principles of diversity, to bring more voices including social movements, youth voices and balancing the national to global representation. 
  • Hope is one of GCE's political grounding. Hope that our actions will translate into change.

Political positioning on global politics affecting education

  • GCE's political grounding of its work being rights based need a recognition that rights and resources are very unequally distributed, making redistribution a critical element of equalizing power and access to resources. 
  • Transformation is also central to GCE's political base. While it has become a buzz concept, it is important for GCE to remain true to its original demands regardless of all the victories and processes that mark successes surrounding the concept of transformative education.  
  • Humanity should be the basis and key principle of any social movement and be formed on the strong conviction to protect all human rights. 

Successes to Attribute to the Actions of the Movement 

  • Movement continued to grow its membership  and built strong coalitions of over 127 diverse civil society coalitions and social movements in over 90 countries. Members commitments based on the voluntary act and conviction to stand for the right to education for all. 
  • Strong contributions in many education discourses including Education 2030 Incheon Declaration And Framework for action towards inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning for all, GCE was at the centre of discussions to establish one goal for education alongside other actors. 
  • Championing the establishment of the main funding mechanism from the Global Partnership for Education for education policy advocacy. 
  • In the global education policy space, there are many progresses and successes that GCE has seen that relate to what GCE as a movement calls for. However, it is important to remain grounded to our original demands and principles. All these progressions come with resources that we need to advance our agenda further, but we should not lose sight or our convictions. 
  • Wins related to the capacity and strength of coalitions to fight abolishment of paying for education. Education has become more accessible. 
  • Dialogues about shifting the power on financing education has become progressive. The TES in 2022 and the finance agenda that came out of that is a transformative agenda that GCE was very instrumental is driving and dealing withy systemic issues surrounding the financing of education. 

Education Financing

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