Enhance your Advocacy Programme with the Social Change Matrix
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Are you working on advocacy programmes with the aim to bring about social change in the education sector? Then, the Social Change Matrix is a tool that can help you to analyse how to achieve transformative change, and to reflect on the underlying reasons ('assumptions') why your approach can be successful.
In this course, you will learn:
  • How to use the Social Change Matrix to plan for transformative change
  • How to map your stakeholders
  • How to identify the key assumptions in your advocacy programme

Good Practices of Citizen-led Advocacy in Different Contexts
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Citizen-led advocacy is a grassroots approach to influencing public policy and decision-making processes. It involves individuals or groups of citizens actively engaging with government officials or institutions, through partnerships, to promote change in areas of social, political, or environmental concern.
In this course you will learn about:
  • The principles of citizen-led advocacy
  • Practical examples of citizen-led advocacy in Africa and Asia
  • Lessons-learned about citizen-led advocacy
Education Financing
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Upon completion of the Education financing course, you will be able understand the human rights and practical background of education financing globally including human rights conventions, the need, and issues around commercialisation of education and the privatization actors involved globally.

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    Upon completing the Advocacy course, you will be able to define the meaning of Advocacy in technical terms and explore examples of advocacy in the education sector. This will also help you to understand how to create a Theory of Change and Logic Framework based on a problem and how to frame issues when conducting advocacy.