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Youth Online Learning Program - Module 1: Introduction to the UN Structures
Courses in English

Module 1, Introduction to UN Structures and Frameworks,  aims to introduce its audience to the UN architecture and the key agencies, structures and processes critical for advancing the implementation and monitoring of the SDG4 agenda at national, regional and global levels. It addresses four critical learning questions: 

  1. What are key UN structures in place to drive the implementation and follow-up of SDG4 targets? 
  2. What are national, regional and international SDG4 monitoring processes in place to engage with, their role, function and ways of engagement?
  3. What policy issues, interventions and decisions are made at different levels (national, regional and international)? 
  4. What policy interventions and decisions influencing practices can we learn from for engaging at national, regional and international levels?

Using action research to strengthen your advocacy and policy-influencing
Courses in English

Action research is a methodology that involves active participation and collaboration with practitioners to identify and address real-world problems in a specific context. This course guides you through the steps of planning and implementation of action research via some theory and practical examples and stories from implementers of action research. In this course, you will learn:

  • How to make an action research plan
  • What to consider during the implementation of your action research
  • How to report your study results in an effective and efficient manner

Enhance your Advocacy Programme with the Social Change Matrix
Courses in English

Are you working on advocacy programmes with the aim to bring about social change in the education sector? Then, the Social Change Matrix is a tool that can help you to analyse how to achieve transformative change, and to reflect on the underlying reasons ('assumptions') why your approach can be successful.
In this course, you will learn:
  • How to use the Social Change Matrix to plan for transformative change
  • How to map your stakeholders
  • How to identify the key assumptions in your advocacy programme

Good Practices of Citizen-led Advocacy in Different Contexts
Courses in English
Citizen-led advocacy is a grassroots approach to influencing public policy and decision-making processes. It involves individuals or groups of citizens actively engaging with government officials or institutions, through partnerships, to promote change in areas of social, political, or environmental concern.
In this course you will learn about:
  • The principles of citizen-led advocacy
  • Practical examples of citizen-led advocacy in Africa and Asia
  • Lessons-learned about citizen-led advocacy
Education Financing
Courses in English

Upon completion of the Education financing course, you will be able understand the human rights and practical background of education financing globally including human rights conventions, the need, and issues around commercialisation of education and the privatization actors involved globally.

Courses in English

    Upon completing the Advocacy course, you will be able to define the meaning of Advocacy in technical terms and explore examples of advocacy in the education sector. This will also help you to understand how to create a Theory of Change and Logic Framework based on a problem and how to frame issues when conducting advocacy.

Le Plaidoyer
Cours en français

À la fin du cours de plaidoyer, vous serez en mesure de définir le sens du plaidoyer en termes techniques et d'explorer des exemples de plaidoyer dans le secteur de l'éducation. Cela vous aidera également à comprendre comment créer une théorie du changement et un cadre logique basés sur un problème et comment définir les problèmes lors de la conduite d'un plaidoyer.

Financement de l'éducation
Cours en français

À la fin du cours sur le financement de l'éducation, vous serez en mesure de comprendre les droits de l'homme et le contexte pratique du financement de l'éducation à l'échelle mondiale, y compris les conventions relatives aux droits de l'homme, la nécessité et les problèmes liés à la commercialisation de l'éducation et les acteurs de la privatisation impliqués à l'échelle mondiale.

Cursos em português

Ao concluir o curso de Advocacia, você será capaz de definir o significado de Advocacia em termos técnicos e explorar exemplos de advocacia no setor educacional. Isto também o ajudará a compreender como criar uma Teoria da Mudança e um Quadro Lógico baseado num problema e como enquadrar as questões ao conduzir a advocacia.

Financiamento da Educação
Cursos em português

Após a conclusão do curso de financiamento da educação, você será capaz de compreender os direitos humanos e os antecedentes práticos do financiamento da educação em todo o mundo, incluindo as convenções de direitos humanos, a necessidade e as questões em torno da comercialização da educação e dos atores de privatização envolvidos globalmente.

Financiamiento de la educación
Cursos en español

Al finalizar el curso sobre financiación de la educación, podrá comprender los derechos humanos y los antecedentes prácticos de la financiación de la educación a nivel mundial, incluidas las convenciones de derechos humanos, la necesidad y las cuestiones relacionadas con la comercialización de la educación y los actores de privatización involucrados a nivel mundial.

Cursos en español

Al completar el curso de Promoción, podrá definir el significado de Promoción en términos técnicos y explorar ejemplos de promoción en el sector educativo. Esto también le ayudará a comprender cómo crear una teoría del cambio y un marco lógico basado en un problema y cómo enmarcar las cuestiones al realizar actividades de promoción.